Binghamton University Art and Design

May 3, 2019

Project 4: Homepage

This homepage was designed to slightly mimick the concept created in the Style Guide. Once worked on I found it more appealing to have a sleek white background without as many boxes. The slideshow of the merchandise is there to help the viewers get a sense of the options they can chose from.

ChrchMrch Website

March 25, 2019

Project 3: Style Guide

The Church Merch Website is going to be a place where those who have experienced or have been impacted by Calvary's Love can go to purchase merchandise. The goal of this page to provide a user friendly shop where anyone of any age is able to support Calvary's Love Church.

Style Guide

March 7, 2019

Project 2: Calvary's Love Branding

Calvary's Love is a church in Johnson City. We have been trying to rebrand the church for about three or four months now. During the logo design we wanted to make sure that our name was represented in the icon and that the icon could be represented by the body of the church. We beleive that the icon is a combination of two hearts both in which we try to live out. The first one represents the love God gives us and the second is the love we give to others. With that in mind we tried to be simple and use helvetica in the text. This allows us to use various weights and forms of the font easily. The C-Love blue is the main color normally used with white or black and the choice of the yellowy-orange contrasts really well with the blue. The maroon was a last choice to sort of bring the palette together. It's rarely used.

February 10, 2019

Project 1: ClothesLine Project

For the first project we had to take an already existing poster, somewhere around campus and make it more appealing. We had to use the information on the poster and some of the dame visual elements it had. The idea behind the ClothesLine Project was to promote wearing blue in order to bring awareness to sexual abuse.